Friday, December 16, 2011

Miracle Mouse

Growing up in Michigan, I learned to love fishing at night with mice patterns. It wasn’t until I moved out west that I realized how versatile these flies can be. Now, I always carry a few just in case- or if I have too much to drink and need something to keep my attention during the wee hours. 
After fishing a ton of different mouse patterns, I decided to combine different elements of some of my favorites to come up with something more productive. The butt sinking versatility of the Dirty Rat, the wake producing merit of the Morrish Mouse and most importantly the hooking ability of Mr. Hankey’s. The Miracle Mouse was the result of my experiments, and should serve you just as well as it has served me.


  1. So how does this mouse skate? I like the foam, cause the deer hair or elk hair mice tend to sink quickly in fast current.

    1. It skates well. The pattern is a good all around mouse. It can be popped, skated, swung or even slow popped/drowned for those lake fish. Glad you like it.